Stroke 150mm

Cycles per Min 240

Load 12Kg

Speed 1.6m/s

Reach 1400mm

Repeatability 0.005mm

The versatile HG60 Planar surface gantry is a robust handling system designed for large working spaces and high loads of 12kg.

Designed for a number of high-speed machine application with speeds of 1.2m/s while maintaining production quality with an accuracy of 0.005mm.

Ready to use gantry with a unique plug and play experience greatly reducing programming and commission times

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Gantry Pick & Place with 4 Servo-Cylinders
Gantry with ZU40 & Servo-Cylinders
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Gantry Pick & Place with 4 Servo-Cylinders

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…We are currently working on our CAD Configurator service.

With our CAD Configurator, you will be able to easily specify the linear actuator required for your project and download CAD files ready for use in your designs.

Cad Gantry

If you require CAD files in the meantime or would like to receive a reminder when the CAD Configurator is available, please complete the CAD Request form.

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Fi Gantry Smart Design

Smart Design

  • Rigid and modular construction with large and efficient working envelope.

  • Ideal for applications such as pick and place, component assembly, dispensing and Lab automation.

  • Modular mount system enables multiple units to be combined for increased efficiency.

  • Ready to move concept with our factory tuned and homed system.

Fi Gantry Enhanced Performnce

Enhanced Performance

  • Best machine performance with robust magnetic linear encoder.

  • Absolute position feedback delivers accuracy of 0.005mm.

  • High precision saves energy and increases reliability with enhanced output.

Fi Universal Controller

Universal Controller

  • Powered by Beckhoff provides field proven industrial motion control.

  • Integrated safety using Fail Safe over EtherCat (FSoE).

  • Modular controller can be expanded up to 54 Axis.

  • Unique universal controller is one single platform to control for all motion products.

  • Smart design with open architecture makes it comparably faster to integrate motion into a project.

Fi Easy Learn

Easy Teach Software

  • Teachable software minimises the complexity of programming and integration greatly simplifying setup.

  • Easily taught sequences utilise built in high performance kinematic models to optimise motion profiles, shortening cycle times.

  • Flexible interpolation groups allow synchronised motion between any axes and robot components.

  • Run multiple sequences simultaneously, with easy signalling between sequences.

  • Control sequence timing with digital I/O, makes interfacing with existing machinery simple.

  • Payload management optimises performance and ensures 100% duty cycle.

  • Easy teach Software allow all 54 axes, single or multi-axis robots and digital I/O to be seamlessly controlled.

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